100 Word Challenge – Week One

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Well done 5K on your first attempt of the 100 Word Challenge.


Try as we might to avoid them, accidents happen. Tell about a time when you were involved in an accident.

“Move Daisy!” I exclaim with frustration. CRASH! I run into my dog and my elbow lands on a pointy, lonely rock. Blood is gushing all over the road like a fire hose spraying water everywhere. My brother is right behind me and all of a sudden he rode over me. Mum’s rushing out of the house like she is sprinting in a race and takes me inside. She pulls out the first aid kit and she struggles to take the jammed rock out of my elbow. What’s she going to do to get the rock out?

By Joel

BANG! I hit my head on a big yellow pole, now I am dizzy. SPLASH! OMG I cannot believe I fell in the crystal clear pool. Everyone is laughing. I will be the laughing stock of the whole school tomorrow. The taste of the chlorine is bad but not bad enough to get out of the pool and face the laughing people. Eventually I got out and run to the car. School the next day was even worse than I expected. People said I was bad luck and threw their lunches at me. That was the worst experience at school anyone could have.

By Jorja

THUD! My sister was screaming for help because I couldn’t talk or do anything. I winded myself when I hit the ground. My Mum and Dad were running to me as they heard my sister yelling for help. When my Mum and Dad got to me my Dad picked me up, took me inside and put me on the lounge. Then my Mum raced up to our shed and got some ice from the freezer. She gave it to me to put on my head so I wouldn’t get a bruise on my forehead.

By Ivy

BANG, CRACK, SMASH!!! My arm is in a huge amount of pain. I see my Dad racing to me. I leaned into a big muddy puddle and I yelled at the top of my lungs, “ICE ICE!” Dad gets the ice and I know it is broken. Dad takes me upstairs and I hear nice words everywhere. I’m crying like a waterfall. The smell of dinner makes me feel a bit better.

By Sinead

I felt happiness, I was excited, I felt like I was Usain Bolt. My brother was behind me yelling, “Wait up!” I turned my head back and poked my tongue at him, then…. BAM! CRASH! BANG! I hit my toe on a pole. “Ow!” I screamed.

“Cmon buddy. I’m gonna take you to the hospital,” says Dad. Pretty soon after, we arrived at the hospital. The doctor said I had a dislocated toe. She then quickly relocated it. We start to drive home. Dad is not happy. I won’t be able to play sport for a whole week.

By Luca

100 Word Challenge

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This term 5K will be participating in the 100 word challenge. We will utilise weekly lab time and students may choose to complete the challenge as extension homework. The weekly creative writing challenge is for children under 16 years of age. Each week a prompt is given, which can be a picture or a series of individual words and the children can use up to 100 words to write a creative piece. This will be posted on our class blog and then linked to the 100 Word Challenge blog. Over the next few weeks 5K will practise several challenges before posting on the 100 Word Challenge blog. Good luck 5K!