Seven Steps to Writing Success

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Want to help your child write better?
Don’t just check the spelling! Authors use seven main techniques to make their writing interesting.
1. Plan for Success
2. Sizzling Starts
3. Tightening Tension
4. Dynamic Dialogue
5. Show, Don’t Tell
6. Ban the Boring Bits
7. Exciting Endings

Check out Jen McVeity’s site to learn more.

This week 5K will be discussing and practising ‘Tightening Tension’. Here are some of the scenarios we will use:

A contestant about to audition for The Voice.

A player in a very close Quidditch match.

The last minutes of a football grand final.

A knight searching for a dragon in a castle.

A scuba diver searching for a treasure chest.

A student receiving a note to go to the principal’s office.

We hope you enjoy our paragraphs!

Welcome Back

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Welcome back after the well deserved break. I hope that you enjoyed a relaxing holiday and that you were able to spend some precious time with family and friends. We have a lot of great learning opportunites this term, including the building of a minature space shuttle and land rover, blogging challenges, NAPLAN and reports. Keep an eye on our Blog for updates.

Kind Regards

Mrs K

Message in a Bottle

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“Oh no Mum, not the beach!” I say. “Yes, the beach,” Mum says. “Come on Jake! Just for once come to the beach with me and your Dad!” Mum says. “Fine.” I say. I quickly run and grab my phone before Mum see’s me. I put it in my pocket, stuff a few sour lollies in my mouth and dash to the car. We arrive at the beach, so I get out of the car and sit behind the toilet block, get out my phone and start texting my friend. “Come to the beach.” I text him, he text’s back. “Sure, I’ll be there in a second.” My parents call me down to the water, I roll my eyes and put my phone in my pocket. I run down to the water and find a bottle. “Go on, open it,” says my Dad. I open it and read the paper. ” Get a boat and come to these coordinates, x-36127 y-3345677 z-9926172.” “Mum! Come quick!” I yell. I see her running to me. Just as she gets to me, I see Tyler park his bike. “Come down here!” I yell. “What is it?” everyone asks. “It’s a message,” I say. “It says down the bottom, be careful there are real bad people with real mean guns.” Dad says in a trembling voice. “All right then!” I say “Lets grab the boat and our hunting weapons!” So my family and friend go to our house and grab a rifle and pocket knife each. My Mum stays home and does her paperwork. Me and Dad go fuel up the boat and Tyler goes to load up the guns and un-jamm the pocket knives. “Alright, lets go!” says my Dad. We go to Tyler and tell him we’re ready. “I’ve un-jammed the pocket knives,” he says. “Alright then!” I say “Lets get going!”

“We’re nearly there!” yells Dad at the top of his lungs. “I think I can only just see the island in the distance. We can stop in that apot over there!” I say. “Looks good!” comments Tyler. So we stopped in the spot and snuck in, rifles tight in out hand. “Get down!” says Dad as one of the men pass us. We see the dungeon and go there as silent as we could. We saw many prisoners. But we could’nt get them out without the keys. “I’ll get the keys.” I whispered. “No you can’t Jake!” says Dad. “You’ll kill yourself!” ” Trust me Dad,” I say. ” I won’t.” I went to the back of the man and silently took his keys. We unlocked all the cells and it appeared there was a back door. We opened it and looked outside. There were bad men everywhere! So we went back the way we came from. We managed to sneak past again. We got in the boat. “Come on! Get on!” Dad yells to us and the people we rescued. We started driving, but one of the men saw us! “Hey! The prisoners are escaping!” he yelled. My Dad drove off as fast as he could. But soon after there were men on huge boats with huge mounted machine guns. They were firing at us. DOOF DOOF DOOF! The guns were so loud I couldn’t hear myself. But then I remembered, we had rifles! So I got my rifle aimed at the centre of their engine, and BAM! KABOOM! Their boat exploded! It created a chain reaction! They were destroyed! We arrived at the police station and said, “We found them in an island full of men with guns.” “Ok,” said the police. We arrived home I went inside and said, “Hi Mum.”

By Luca