Eco Challenge

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“OH MY GOD.” I exclaimed, I had no idea that there was that much rubbish on the beach. We had so much rubbish it filled a trailer! Some people even found a fridge. A lady came and spoke to us about what plants need to grow and stay healthy. Soil, nitrogen, water and fungi was some of the elements, but I was phosphorus which is also very important. Then some other people came and spoke to us about farming and how everything we do on land effects the Great Barrier Reef. It was an exciting and educational day.

By Cohua

Writing Targets

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Each student in 5K have their writing targets on their desk. Students have received feedback on their poetry analysis and are currently working on transforming a poem into a narrative.


To achieve our targets we have been practising Jen McVeity’s (best selling Australian author) ‘Seven Steps to Writing Success’. By chunking writing into seven main techniques students are given the opportunity to practise skills over and over until they go into muscle memory.

What ARE the Seven Steps?

1 Plan for Success
2 Sizzling Starts
3 Tightening Tension
4 Dynamic Dialogue
5 Show, Don’t Tell
6 Ban the Boring
7 Exciting Endings

To improve student’s word choices and sentence structure, 5K have been practising step 5 (Show, Don’t Tell). Students are taught how to describe characters actions rather than saying how he or she feels. Click on the link below to watch a video explaining ‘Show, Don’t Tell’ to students.

For more information on Jen McVeity’s program visit her website (





Black and Yellow

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The song ‘Black And Yellow’ was made by a man named JCJ. To write the song he wanted some inspiration. His original name for the song  was ‘Black’. He went to the Italian museum and saw some art. He asked the manager to show him all the black art pieces. So the manager took him through the museum. JCJ thought they were beautiful but he wanted to see some more. Again the manager took him across the museum, and said, “Here this should be good.” JCJ said, “But it’s yellow.” That is how the song ‘Black and Yellow” was invented.

By Jorja

The Yellow Bike

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“Yay! It’s Christmas,” I screech in joy. I wake up and get out of bed. Next I sprint straight to the chrismas tree. The first present I open is the bike that mum put a sheet over. I don’t know what type of bike it is but all I know is that it’s a bike. Swish! I tug the sheet and throw it behind me. I love the bike ….but it is yellow…. . I hate the colour yellow but mum will get upset if she knows that I don’t like the bike. What do I do?

By Joel C