100 Word Challenge Prompt – See the Miracle

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Welcome to our very special prompt this week where the 100 WC blog team up with Sight Savers which is an organisation helping people who have cataracts.

Cataract is a clouding of the eye’s lens, is the number one cause of blindness in the world. Most of us think of it as something that just affects older people, but in a lot of developing countries it’s a huge problem for children too, and if it’s not caught in time sight loss can be permanent. It’s not difficult to treat – surgery takes about 20 minutes and costs just £30 for an adult and £50 for a child (they need a general anaesthetic). But millions are needlessly living with sight loss; they might not know treatment is available, healthcare services sometimes are not available or people can’t afford to get to hospitals, let alone pay for an operation.
A life without sight
Blindness in a developing country can be devastating; you’re often isolated and excluded, unable to get an education or work to support your family so you’re completely reliant on those around you. It’s hardly surprising then that people often tell us it feels like a miracle when they get their sight back.

The prompt this week is:  …suddenly I was able to see again…

Think about what that would mean . Use it as part of a story where it makes all the difference.




100 Word Challenge – Not a Dream

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Crash! As I looked around I saw red hot fires and pieces of the plane strewn about. I was the only survivor. Walking over to my mum and dad tears roll down my cheeks. It is just a dream, it is just a dream I say to myself but I am not waking up. As the sun goes down I slowly fall into a deep sleep. AHH I wake up in horror to be face to face with a deadly,  vicious, hungry lion. I flick my bloody leg up into the powerful lions guts. Bringing him to his knees he suddenly collapses in horror.

By Jorja

Sizzling Starts

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“WACK!” The crowd goes wild and there are people screaming franticly and stomping everywere,1st base, 2nd base ,the ball is still in the air 3rd base ,home run 5 points to Australia “WACK!” The ball finnaly falls out of the sky like a falling meteorite.What is going to happen next?

Written by Lenny :D

Eco Challenge

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“OH MY GOD.” I exclaimed, I had no idea that there was that much rubbish on the beach. We had so much rubbish it filled a trailer! Some people even found a fridge. A lady came and spoke to us about what plants need to grow and stay healthy. Soil, nitrogen, water and fungi was some of the elements, but I was phosphorus which is also very important. Then some other people came and spoke to us about farming and how everything we do on land effects the Great Barrier Reef. It was an exciting and educational day.

By Cohua